BioReprogramming Basics Level 1 June 17-18, 2019

BioReprogramming Basics Level 1 June 17-18, 2019

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BioReprogramming® Basics Module 1 (BRB1)  – Sense and Solution to Illness©

This module will explain the logic of the brain in terms of the survival mechanisms behind illnesses and unwanted behaviors. You will understand the origin of health disorders and their archaic sense. Through the analysis of the evolutionary steps of the species, you will uncover the emotional meaning associated to each organ and cellular modifications in the body. You will learn how to use powerful language patterns through BIO-NLP®  (NLP applied to Biological Decoding) to successfully have access to the emotional meaning of one’s biological symptoms.

Fee per module: $406

Please note that there is an additional hosting fee of $50 for the  BRP Basics program 1-4 payable at the door the first day of the course.