BioReprogramming Basics Level 4 July 25-26, 2019

BioReprogramming Basics Level 4 July 25-26, 2019

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 BioReprogramming®  Basics Module 4 (BRB 4)  – Accessing alignment©

 This module will allow you to explore the life of your ancestors through the modality of Psycho-Genealogy. You will learn how to eliminate the impact of unwanted ancestral programs in your life through the Bio-Ancestral Release Technique©. You will uncover the origin of health disorders related to the skeletal and lymph systems. You will learn how to uncover the secondary gain related to illness, and how to develop new strategies to positively fulfill the part of you, which is potentially holding on to the illness. The understanding of the Bio-Memorized-Cellular-Cycles and how to eliminate their impact will allow you to stop reproducing unwanted life cycles.

Fee per module: $406

Please note that there is an additional hosting fee of $50 for the  BRP Basics program 1-4 payable at the door the first day of the course.