BioReprogramming Basics Program Level 2 June 19-20, 2019

BioReprogramming Basics Program Level 2 June 19-20, 2019

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BioReprogramming®  Basics Program Level 2 (BRB 2)  – Recovering Freedom© 

This seminar will uncover the origins of illness in terms of the ancestral and gestational subconscious programming. You will understand how the parent’s life traumas, conflicts and intentions are downloaded to the offspring during gestation and how our lives are influenced by what is called the Parental Project. You will learn how to access a state of freedom in your life and how to create your own path, using the Re-Encoding Time Line Pattern©. You will explore the effect of the particular mechanism of the subconscious brain called Mini Maxi Schizophrenia and how to use NLP techniques to safely access the memory related to the conflicts you want to resolve. You will learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior through the understanding of your vital needs.

Fee per module: $406

Please note that there is an additional hosting fee of $50 for the  BRP Basics program 1-4 payable at the door the first day of the course.