BioReprogramming Basics Program Level 3 June 23-24, 2019

BioReprogramming Basics Program Level 3 June 23-24, 2019

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BioReprogramming® Basics Level 3 (BRB 3)  –Deconstructing the Past©  

The study of healing metaphors will allow you to unlock certain conflicts within yourself and also to help others. You will be able to investigate your past and uncover the root of specific beliefs and decisions you have made throughout your life, which are no longer beneficial. Through a thorough analysis of the animal program, this seminar will allow you to understand the root of certain human behaviors and diseases. You will learn how to let go of unresolved grief and how to create a future that is in alignment with your core values. You will acquire techniques that allow the shift of limiting beliefs in order to resolve emotional conflicts at a deep level using BIO-NLP®.

Fee per module: $406

Please note that there is an additional hosting fee of $50 for the  BRP Basics program 1-4 payable at the door the first day of the course.