WEIGHT PROFILING®  New Dates Coming soon

WEIGHT PROFILING® New Dates Coming soon

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Achieve life lasting body transformation through WEIGHT-PROFILING®, a method designed to help you reach a healthy weight for life. Experience the ultimate quality of life in the vehicle that’s going to help you create it!

The Weight-Profiling method is based on 4 profiles an individual must align and master in order to get results and become permanently fit.

What controls and determines weight gain may be different for each individual, that is the reason why dieting only, almost always fails to ensure long-term success. Each of us has a different profile in term of the emotional distress, eating habits, exercising habits, and limiting behaviors.    Weight Profiling® will respect your individuality and help you find balance in each category.

 A predisposition to weight gain and overeating is often connected to past emotional stresses that need to be addressed first, in order to benefit from any other modality. A person can obtain results with proper food intake and exercise, providing their emotional conflict, which triggers weight gain is resolved. Being healthy and fit requires a change of mindset and lifestyle,  not an effort!

Fee per module: $406

Please note that there is an additional hosting fee of $50 for the Weight-Profiling program payable at the door the first day of the course.